Catholic Bibles

Catholic Prayer Bible-  NRSV - Lectio Divina Edition
Paulist Press
[Paper Back] 01/09/2010

An ideal Bible for anyone who desires to reflect on the individual stories and chapters of just...

Our Bible for our Wedding
[Hard Paper] 26/07/2013

The New Community Bible (NCB) is a Catholic Bible published by The Society of Saint Paul. It is...

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible RSV
Hahn Scott; Mitch Curtis
[Paper Back] 01/06/2010

The only Catholic Study Bible based on the Revised Standard Version 2nd Catholic Edition, the...

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible (RSV) large print
Ignatius Press
[Hard Paper] 15/04/2016

The Revised Standard Version of the Bible is acclaimed by many as the clearest, most accurate and...

New Testament and Psalms: Revised New Jerusalem Bible
Wansbrough, Dom Henry, OSB
[Paper Back] 23/11/2017

A Bible for study and proclamation. The Revised New Jerusalem Bible presents anew the...

Bible Christian Community Leather 185311

The Christian Community Bible is a very accurate translation from the Hebrew and Greek biblical...

Bible Christian Community 185310 Magnet Pink

The Christian Community Bible is a very accurate translation from the Hebrew and Greek biblical...

[Hard Paper] 08/07/2017

Want a Catholic Bible that speaks to teens and youth? The Youcat Bible is a new way to share...

New Testament and Psalms NABRE
New American Bible Rev Edition
[Book] 01/06/2017

This lightweight, versatile, and easy-to-read volume combining the NABRE translation of the New...

The Bible - A Study Bible
King Nicholas
[Hard Paper] 01/11/2013

For the first time under one cover, we are delighted to present Nicholas King’s complete...

The Old Testament  Vol 4 The Prophets
King Nicholas
[Paper Back]

The Prophets, the final volume of Nicholas King's translation of the Old Testament, takes us...

Old Testament  Vol 1 The Pentateuch
King Nicholas
[Paper Back]

The Old Testament is the first volume called The Pentateuch by Nicholas King. Nicolas offers a...


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