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Claire Howell, 3/24/2018

Today’s society can be a distracting one. It is often difficult to find a moment’s peace in our noisy culture. Our constant availability is demanded and we find ourselves perpetually connected through technological advances.


It is important that we reflect upon whether or not the noise and distractions of our society make it difficult for us to find Jesus in our everyday lives. Are we too busy to seek Him? Is today’s world too distracting that it is hard to find Him? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then we must challenge ourselves to do better.


We know that pure joy is to be found in relationship with Christ and therefore our quest to seek and find him should be an unceasing one. I hold the view that yes, today’s modern world can bring challenges to building and maintaining our relationship with God, but actually the advances that have been made in some areas of modern technology can be used as tools to develop and strengthen our faith.


So much of our human encounter these days takes place over some form of digital platform. Any person of faith who shares generously the love and truth of God through their witness is an evangelist. Human encounter is where evangelisation takes place and since social media has become a place of vast encounter we should be mindful of the great potential for good that comes along with it.


It is in this culture of encounter that we can get to know one another, love one another and journey together. A digital faith community can often be a source of support for people when they have big questions and therefore social media has a crucial role to play in discernment. The online Catholic community has the power to encourage those seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus, sustain and nurture people’s spirituality and even bring the love of Jesus Christ to those who previously did not know it. The searching questions over Twitter or Facebook, answered with truth in a spirit of love and support may offer someone the encouragement they need in their discernment.


It is, however, easier to listen in the silence and therefore it is important to remain mindful, that we do need to take time away from the noise of our daily existence and find time to focus on what is truly important. Jesus often took to solitary places to pray.

“But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” Luke 5:16


In discernment, a healthy prayer life is essential. It is in prayer that the Father’s mission for us becomes clear. In Pope Benedict XVI’s Angelus on 4th March 2007, he reflects upon St. Luke’s account of the Transfiguration event (Luke 9: 28-36). Pope Benedict teaches us that in Jesus’ discussions with Moses and Elijah about his death and resurrection he does not flee with fear, instead he faces his purpose and “enters more deeply into this mission, adhering with all his being to the Father’s will; he shows us that true prayer consists precisely in uniting our will with that of God.”


You can read the full text of the Angelus here.


Sometimes, we need to ask others to accompany us in our prayer or to pray on our behalf. The Daughters of St. Paul offer a prayer request service where they warmly welcome your prayer intentions, which they entrust to the Lord in their Hour of Adoration and at Mass. You can send your prayer requests here

"If in my name you ask me for anything, I will do it." John 14:14


In prayer we face the plan that God has had in mind for us since before our conception. Whilst our noisy, busy, bright and colourful society can be a beautiful one, it can provide distractions. Immerse yourself in the wonder of the modern world and use its advances to help you in your quest for what is true, but remember to take yourself to those solitary places and join your will to God’s.



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