The Eucharist and holiness
Rev. Gino Valtorta, SSP, 26/11/2015
On this memorial of Blessed James Alberione, our Founder, the Postulator General of his cause offers a reflection on Alberione's essentially Eucharistic spirituality.
Praying with movies
Margaret Joseph Obrovac, FSP, 06/10/2015
Paul VI commented that the divorce between culture and faith is one of the great tragedies of our time. That applies not only to high culture, but to pop culture as well. On the upside, a growing number of people are searching for a reconciliation of the two, with the hope that faith-life will become more credible and culture will maintain its soul. Here is a description of two approaches to wedding pop media productions with Scripture in a prayerful setting.
Paul the Apostle
Brother Aloysius Milella, SSP, 01/09/2015
Brother Aloysius Milella, SSP—“Br. Al” to us Paulines—is remembers what Paul meant to our founder, Blessed James Alberione, whom St John Paul II called “the first apostle of the new evangelisation.” (Br. Al would remember: He spent eighteen years in Rome as a general councilor, spending a portion of that time during Fr. Alberione’s last years, privileged to assist at his death.)
Angela Boffi, collaborator of Father Alberione
Margaret Joseph Obrovac, FSP, 20/08/2015
A second step in the history of the Daughters of St Paul as the tiny group of women begin collaborating in the publishing ministry of Blessed James Alberione. Eyewitness testimony from Alberione's young vicar, Blessed Timothy Giaccardo, points to the guidance of the Spirit.
Thecla Merlo
Anne Flanagan, FSP, 16/07/2015
In its first fifty years of existence, the sisters of the Daughters of St Paul referred to their Superior General by an unusual title. She wasn't spoken of as "Mother" Thecla, but as the "Prima Maestra" ("first teacher").
Young women printers in Susa, Italy
Ignacia Bunuan, FSP, 15/06/2015
The story behind the 100th anniversary of foundation of the Daughters of St Paul.
Mary, Queen of Apostles
Onorina Cruciani, PD and Sr. M. Martha Moss, FSP, 23/05/2015
Among the many titles by which Mary is invoked, the Pauline Family gives preference to that of "Queen of Apostles." For the Pauline, Mary is "Queen" of Apostles not so much as sovereign as exemplar; as one whose "apostolate" can never be surpassed, but always serves as a model, inspiration and guide. But why does a religious family with an ultra-modern focus on communications look back to a title that can sound so primitive?
Christ the Divine Master
Giovannamaria Carrara and Annunciata Bestetti, 02/04/2015
A characteristic of all the Institutes of the Pauline Family founded by Blessed James Alberione is their Eucharistic spirituality, expressed particularly in the daily Hour of Adoration made by every member. Sister Giovannamaria Carrara, former Superior General of the Daughters of St Paul, reflects on the place the "Visit" has in Pauline life.

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