Let us thank all those who teach in Catholic schools.

Educating is an act of love; it is like giving life.

- Pope Francis

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Fifty Masses With Children Revised
Kelly Francesca
[Paper Back] 24/08/2017

Sister Francesca's first three books, Masses with Children, More Masses with Children and...

The Liturgy of the Word wth Children
Thompson Katie
[Paper Back]

Here you will find a complete but flexible scheme for celebrating the Liturgy of the Word for...

God and Me 365 Daily Devotions
Boshoff Penny
[Hard Paper] 13/06/2013

Bible-centred daily devotional book for young children to connect for the first time with their...

YOUCAT for Kids
YOUCAT Foundation
[Paper Back] 01/08/2018

An exciting and fun new way to help children and parents to discover their Catholic faith...

Loyola Kids: Book of Saints
Amy Welborn
[Hard Paper] 01/09/2001

Who are the saints, why are the lives of saints important for children, and what can children...

Our Friends in Heaven Vol. 1
Daughters of St Paul
[Paper Back] 01/05/2021

If you read one story every day from this two-volume set of books, you will have made many new...

Our Friends in Heaven Vol 2
Daughters of St Paul
[Paper Back] 01/05/2021

If you read one story every day from this two-volume set of books, you will have made many new...

Autism and Me: expert tips and mindful activities for autistic people
Haia Ironside
[Paper Back] 01/01/2020

This book is for autistic people. You can share this book with important people such as family...

My First Missal - 9781904785026
Carla Cortesi, compiled by Maria Benigni
[Paper Back] 11/06/2011

First Mass book with the new English translation of the Order of Mass. Colourfully illustrated ...

My Mass Book - 9781904785606
MaryLou Winters, FSP
[Paper Back] 08/09/2011

Teachers, on viewing mock up copies of this NEW book, found the content to be quite unique. They...

Cross 24/33 Our Father

Hand painted image of Jesus Christ with the Our Father prayer Made from wood 25 cm Wall...

Crucified Christ Cross 25 cm

Hand painted image of Christ Crucified Made from Wood 25 cm  Wall hanging Made by...

Welcome to the Mass-Poster Book with USB

The Poster-Book consists of 34 A3 photographic pages documenting the celebration of Mass. The...

Cross 79/33 Noah's Ark
[Mixed Media Product]

Hand painted image of Noah's Ark Made from wood  40 cm  Wall...

Cross 2/33 Children of the World 25 cm

Hand painted image of Children of the World Made from Wood 25 cm Wall hanging Made by ...

My Prayers to God with Love and Joy
Bruno Forte & Antonio Tarzia
[Paper Back] 31/03/2003

When two hands, even two small hands, are raised in prayer they lift up the whole world. This...

Starting School
Caryn Jenner & Arthur Robins
[Paper Back] 01/01/2012

Starting school is a big adventure. Is your little star ready? He or she will have all sorts of...

Starting School
Daisy Upton
[Paper Back] 22/06/2023

Getting your child ready to start school can feel overwhelming, can't it? It's a big step...

Looking ahead: a Catholic handbook for school students CH75
Association of Catholic Women
[Hard Paper] 07/03/2023

Figuring out what it means to be a disciple of Christ as a young person today is tricky. If you...

Identity of the Catholic School ED21
Congregation for Catholic Education
[Paper Back] 25/04/2022

A practical guide for educators in understanding the essence and mission of Catholic schools in...

Prayers for Schools: Original prayers and resources for teachers and chaplains
Friel, Raymond
[Paper Back] 16/01/2018

Raymond Friel brings all his experience as a teacher and head-teacher in Catholic schools to this...

School Year, Church Year
Mazar Peter
[Paper Back] 01/06/2001

This amazing book will walk you through the school year, give you a crash course on the...

Prayer Services for parishes and Schools
Cymbala Michael A.
[Paper Back] 13/06/2013

This practical resource provides forty-seven prayer services for meetings at Catholic parishes ...

Pray Today 1501212 Daily Acts of Worship for Primary Schools
Patricia Ainge
[Paper Back] 30/11/2009

Pray Today is an exciting new resource which enables teachers to provide an act of worship for...

Great Big Prayer Books for Schools
Alison Evans
[Paper Back]

This unique prayer book for Key Stage 1-2 contains 2000 prayers which cover the plethora of...

Did Jesus go to School?
Peachey, Roy
[Paper Back] 12/07/2019

In this excellent book, Roy Peachey invites us to reconsider what it means for parents to be the...

Understanding School Bullying: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
O'Moore Mona
[Paper Back] 30/11/2010

This book provides a rich understanding of school bullying and the many forms it takes. The ...

Heads Bowed - Prayers for Catholic school Days
Mladinich, Lisa
[Paper Back] 22/04/2017

Catechetical thought leader Lisa Mladinich offers nearly 300 original prayers that will resonate...

365 Prayers for Catholic Schools and Parish Youth Groups: Interactive, Seasonal, Traditional
Tassi, Peter
[Paper Back] 15/08/2016

You'll never be at a loss for prayers to use with students or youth groups when you reach for...

Gospel Values for Catholic Schools: A Practical Guide for Today
Friel, Raymond
[Paper Back] 11/01/2017

As the title suggests, Friel’s account is rooted firmly in the Gospels and encompasses a...

Choosing a Catholic School: A Practical Guide
Sr Judith Russi SSMN
[Paper Back] 31/07/2016

Choosing a Catholic School will help guide your decision-making at every step. Whether you are a...

Meditation with Children: A Resource for Teachers and Parents
Keating, Noel
[Paper Back] 28/01/2018

Children today are living in a fast-paced world where one solitary voice can easily get lost amid...

Building the Kingdom in the Classroom
Pittam, Matthew
[Paper Back] 01/11/2017

Schools today are complex places with many demands placed on teachers' time and energies....

Church Year for Children
Biehl Pia/Lange Katrina
[Hard Paper] 20/02/2020

Every child knows what is celebrated at Christmas. But what about Pentecost and All Saints’...

A Year of Mindfulness Guided Meditations for Schools
Clare Campbell
[Paper Back] 01/01/2019

This book is for teachers, headteachers and chaplaincy teams who want their schools to be more...

Good News Bible (GNB) Catholic Edition Bible
[Hard Paper] 18/09/2017

This Catholic Good News version is excellent for personal or group study for a range of ages....

Rainbow Ark BU03 Small with 16 Characters

Hours of imaginative play time for children to enjoy, with that educational edge. A...

Faithmap Year B
Yvonne Fordyce
[Paper Back] 01/09/2005

A bright, inspiring and totally original scheme for celebrating the Liturgy of the Word with ...

Kid's Book of Prayers (Revised)
[Paper Back] 30/11/2019

A bestseller since its release, The Kid's Book of Prayers is a notebook as well as a prayer...

A Letter for Me from St Paul the Apostle - Boxed set of posters with CD-ROM

Suggestions for reflections, activities and prayers to help explore key values taught by St Paul...

PrayerPosters - set of 4 posters
MaryLou Winters, FSP
[Poster] 25/03/2005

Four posters which are also available as single items. The posters each have resource material on...

Jesus the Good Shepherd - poster
MaryLou Winters, FSP

Size: 98.5 x 54 cm

POSTER/CD  The Mysteries of the Rosary Set - CD-ROM with posters

4 posters each folded into six panels so that the mysteries may be opened either one by one or...

PrayerPosters Cards - pack of 10 concertina cards
MaryLou Winters, FSP

4-fold card 38 x 13.5 cm


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