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Autumn Reading
Tuned in: The Power of Pressing Pause and Listening
Art Bennett
[Paper Back] 22/09/2017

Tuned in: The Power of Pressing Pause and Listening   From the Inside ...

You are the Beloved: Daily Meditations for Spiritual Living
Henri J. M. Nouwen
[Paper Back] 02/11/2017

You are the Beloved: Daily Meditations for Spiritual Living 'We are the Beloved. We are...

Theology for Beginners
Frank Sheed
[Paper Back] 29/09/2017

Theology for Beginners 13.2 x 1.5 x 20.1 cm

Peter Doherety & Patti-Anne Kay
[Paper Back] 01/11/2017

A practical guide for helping readers through the liberating process of forgiveness, in their own...

The Challenge of the Lord's Prayer
John Cox
[Paper Back] 31/03/2017

The Challenge of the Lord's Prayer The Lord's Prayer, given to us by Jesus, is both...

Faith and Freedom
Teresa Forcades
[Paper Back] 01/01/2017

Teresa Forcades, Spanish Benedictine nun, theologian, physician and political activist, is one of...

Finding the Will of God: A Pagan Notion? 2nd Edition
Bruce K. Waltke
[Paper Back] 31/03/2016

To follow Christ means to journey along a way that is distinctively Christian. That journey...

Our Spiritual Lifeline: The Oxygen of Christian Prayer
Jim McManus, C.Ss.R.
[Paper Back] 15/05/2017

Our Spiritual Lifeline: The Oxygen of Christian Prayer 20.8 x 14.8 x 1.6 cm

Finding God in the Mess: Meditations for Mindful Living
Jim Deeds
[Paper Back] 29/09/2017

Modern lives can be very busy, saturated by technology and media, but there isn't always time...

 The Image of the Unseen God: Catholicity, Science, and Our Evolving Understanding of God
Thomas E. Hosinski
[Paper Back] 30/11/2017

What does it mean to be "made in the image and likeness of God"? How has the world...

Heroism and Genius: How Catholic Priests Built Western Civilization
William J. Slattery
[Paper Back] 31/05/2016

With stubborn facts historians have handed in their verdict: from the genius of Christianity and...

Redemption and Restoration: A Catholic Perspective on Restorative Justice
David Matzko McCarthy
[Paper Back] 01/01/2018

The Catholic Church teaches that punishment must have a constructive and redemptive purpose and...

Keeping in Tune with God: Listening Hearts Discernment for Clergy
Suzanne G. Farnham; Timothy H. Grayson
[Paper Back] 29/04/2011

Keeping in Tune with God is an essential resource for clergy and the people who love, work with,...

Availability: The Challenge and the Gift of Being Present
Robert J. Wicks
[Paper Back] 29/12/2015

For almost thirty years, Availability has been a trusted guide for cultivating openness and being...

Twelve Little Ways to Transform Your Heart: Lessons in Holiness and Evangelization from St. Thérèse
Susan Muto
[Paper Back] 01/10/2016

St. Therese of Lisieux's Little Way has been embraced by people of all walks of life. Though...

All Shall be Well: A Spiritual Journal for Hope & Encouragement
Hilda St Clair
[Paper Back] 28/09/2016

Joyful quotes and spiritual wisdom from across the centuries will lift your heart! Julian of...

Introduction to the Devout Life
St Francis de Sales
[Hard Paper] 15/06/2015

Since its first publication in 1609 this book has never gone out of print. It has always occupied...

When the Lord Speaks to Your Heart: Daily Reflections
Gaston Courtois
[Paper Back] 01/11/2016

For many years, Gaston Courtois carried notebooks in his pocket everywhere he went; in them, he...

God Moments: Unexpected Encounters in the Ordinary
Andy Otto
[Paper Back] 27/04/2017

In God Moments, Catholic blogger Andy Otto shows you how to discover the unexpected beauty ...

An Astonishing Secret
Daniel O’Leary
[Paper Back] 30/09/2017

From the best selling author of The Happiness Habit and The Healing Habit, comes a new book that...

Born to Soar
Melissa Overmyer
[Paper Back] 05/05/2017

Drawing from the image of the monarch butterfly at every stage of development — egg,...

God Is Not Nice: Rejecting Pop Culture Theology and Discovering the God Worth Living For
Ulrich L. Lehner
[Paper Back] 10/11/2017

Ulrich L. Lehner reintroduces Christians to the true God-not the polite, easygoing, divine...


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