Resources for the Year of The Word

Year of The Word
Gospel Power 2020
Bernardita Dianzon, FSP
[Paper Back] 15/08/2019

  Now available! Gospel Power 2020 512 Pages Features • Scripture...

The Word of God Lectio Divina 2-Fold leaflet (pk of 10)
[Petite Card] 30/08/2019

A step-by-step presentation of Lectio Divina. 2-Fold leaflet (pack of...

Verbum Domini Post-Synodal Exhortation on the Word of God
Pope Benedict XVI
[Paper Back]

Verbum Domini Post-Synodal Exhortation on the Word of God

Christian Community Bible - Blue with magnetic flap
Claretian Publications
[Mixed Media Product] 13/06/2013

The Christian Community Bible is a very accurate translation from the Hebrew and Greek biblical...

The New Community Bible Catholic Edition - Standard
St Paul's
[Hard Paper]

A great resource for all those who wish to have a deeper understanding of the scriptures, and a...

New Testament and Psalms: Revised New Jerusalem Bible
Henry Wansbrough
[Paper Back] 15/02/2018

A Bible for study and proclamation. The Revised New Jerusalem Bible presents anew the ...

New Testament RSV Ignatius Catholic Study Bible
[Paper Back] 10/06/2010

This volume presents the written Word of God in a highly readable, accurate translation, ...

The Revised New Jerusalem Bible: Study Edition
[Hard Paper] 20/07/2019

The very first full-text edition of the Revised New Jerusalem Bible (RNJB) - a Bible for study ...

YouCat Bible
[Paper Back] 20/07/2017

The newest title in the internationally best-selling "YOUCAT" series for youth and ...

The Bible: A Study Bible freshly translated by Nicholas King
Nicholas King
[Hard Paper] 01/11/2013

For the first time under one cover, we are delighted to present Nicholas King's complete...

Four Gospels Freshly Translated with a Cutting-edge Commentary
Nicholas King
[Paper Back] 12/06/2012

The Four Gospels: Freshly translated with a cutting-edge commentary Read the Gospels with a...

The Catholic Prayer Bible
[Hard Paper] 10/06/2010

Meditative reading of Scripture followed by heartfelt prayer and a decision to change your life ...

CTS New Catholic Bible Compact Flex

Featuring attractive edge-stitching, this volume is a pleasure to hold, carry and use, being both...

The New Jerusalem Bible: Standard Edition
Henry Wansbrough

The New Jerusalem Bible: Standard Edition

Catholic Good News Bible
[Hard Paper] 18/09/2017

Approved by the Catholic Church, the Catholic Good News Bible is ideal for use in church, school...

Holy Bible: English Standard Version (ESV) Anglicised Black Gift and Award edition
[Paper Back] 12/04/2012

An attractive new edition of the English Standard Version of the Bible; the world’s...

A Guide To Bible Basics
Tyler D. Mayfield
[Paper Back] 18/06/2018

What’s actually in the Bible? Where do we find the story of Moses or Jesus’ parable ...

What Do We Do With the Bible?
Richard Rohr, OFM
[Hard Paper] 15/08/2019

In What do we do with the Bible? Richard Rohr answers just this question. He offers a...

Psalm Conversations: Listening In as They Talk with One Another
James O. Chatham
[Paper Back] 15/08/2018

The Psalms’ insights are remarkable, unexpected, eye-opening. They have vital things to say...

Inspiration: Towards a Christian Interpretation of Biblical Inspiration
Gerald O'Collins, SJ
[Hard Paper] 05/07/2018

Inspiration: Towards a Christian Interpretation of Biblical Inspiration anchors its study of...

Best Bible Books: New Testament Resources
John Glynn
[Paper Back] 30/03/2018

Reviews of the best New Testament commentaries and reference books for every purpose and library....

The Gospel According to John: Volume 4 (New Collegeville Bible Commentary)
Scott M. Lewis
[Paper Back] 05/06/2005

Only in John’s Gospel do we have such special features such as the rapturous prologue, the...

The Bible: A Very Short Introduction
John Riches
[Paper Back] 24/02/2000

It is sometimes said that the Bible is one of the most unread books in the world, yet has been a...

Panorama of the Bible: Old Testament
Stephen J. Binz
[Paper Back] 30/06/2016

While every character, story, and book of Scripture is significant in itself, stepping back for a...

Panorama of the Bible: New Testament
Stephen J. Binz
[Paper Back] 15/11/2016

While every character, story, and book of Scripture is significant in itself, stepping back for a...

Sauntering Through Scripture: A Book of Reflections
Genevieve Glen
[Paper Back] 13/08/2018

The Bible presents a landscape rich with characters whose stories and prophecies, wisdom and ...

Scripture Footnotes: People, Places, and Things from the Time of Jesus
George Martin
[Paper Back] 22/09/2017

What was daily life like in the time of Jesus? What did people eat? What did they wear? What was...

Celebrating Good News - CD ROM
Turvey Abbey

56 quality digital images for powerpoint projection from the Turvey posters series: • ...

Called, Chosen and Sent

Twelve colourful icon images, painted by Teresa Groselj, fsp, present highlights of Saul of...

Art and Bible CD ROM

A selection of 75 digital images from the art of the well-known artist MARCELLO...

The Gospels (New International Version): Read by David Suchet
David Suchet
[CD] 26/03/2015

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - the first four books of the New Testament known as the Gospels,...

New International Version Audio Bible
David Suchet

The New International Version is the world's most popular Bible translation in modern English...

The Bible Timeline Chart - Revised
Jeff Cavins; Sarah Christmyer
[Paper Back] 15/06/2015

The newly redesigned Bible Timeline Chart is a full-colour Bible study tool that shows...

Candle History of the Bible
Tim Dowley
[Paper Back] 23/09/2019

An easy-to-read history of our Bible through the ages introduces the story behind the writing of...

The How-to Book of the Bible
Karl A. Schultz
[Paper Back] 01/11/2004

Bible (BAI-buhl) n. 1. Collection of books. 2. Inspired Word of God. 3. Story of...

The Big Picture Book + DVD CAFE
CaFE; Bible Society
[Hard Paper] 20/02/2016

An inspirational 12-session Bible course with easy-to-use book and DVD that helps people find...

Dictionary of Biblical Theology
Xavier Léon-Dufour
[Paper Back] 17/06/2004

Seventy distinguished scholars and eighteen specialised translators have collaborated to produce...

Bible Basics for Catholics: A New Picture of Salvation History
John Bergsma
[Paper Back] 12/06/2012

John Bergsma's popular Bible Basics for Catholics, which has sold more than 60,000...

Understanding the Story of the Bible
Eileen Clare Grant
[Paper Back] 03/03/2013

Catholics have been encouraged since the Second Vatican Council to become more familiar with the...

The Bible: A Book Like No Other (The Contemporary Christian)
John Stott; Tim Chester
[Paper Back] 20/06/2019

Scripture has brought us light in the darkness, strength in weakness, comfort in sadness. It...

Scripture - God's Handbook for Evangelizing Catholics
Binz, Stephen J.;
[Paper Back] 07/10/2015

If you believe in the transformative power of Scripture in your life, imagine what it can do for...

Threshold to God's Word: A User-Friendly Guide to Scripture Study
Stephen J. Binz
[Paper Back] 14/06/2014

Newcomers and Scripture scholars alike will appreciate Binz accessible, insightful style as he...

The Gospel: A Life-changing Message
John Stott; Tim Chester
[Paper Back] 20/06/2019

What is the authentic gospel? How do we answer the sceptics? Christianity is not a religion,...

Sacra Pagina: The Gospel of Matthew
Daniel J. Harrington
[Paper Back] 07/06/2007

Matthew wrote his Gospel from his perspective as a Jew. It is with sensitivity to this ...

Sacra Pagina: The Gospel of Mark
John R. Donahue; Daniel J. Harrington
[Paper Back] 01/09/2005

In The Gospel of Mark Fathers Donahue and Harrington use an approach that can be expressed by two...

Sacra Pagina: The Gospel of Luke
Luke Timothy Johnson; Daniel J. Harrington
[Paper Back] 01/08/2006

What makes this commentary on Luke stand apart from others is that, from beginning to end, this ...

Sacra Pagina: The Gospel of John
Francis J. Moloney; Daniel J. Harrington
[Hard Paper] 01/09/2005

No other book of the New Testament has attracted as much attention from commentators as the ...

Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible
Jeff Cavins; Sarah Christmyer
[Paper Back] 15/06/2015

Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible makes the complex simple. It helps you uncover the story woven...

A Father Who Keeps His Promises: God's Covenant Love in Scripture
Scott Hahn
[Paper Back]

Hahn explores the "covenant love" God reveals to us through the Scriptures and explains...

Reading the New Testament in the Church: A Primer for Pastors, Religious Educators, and Believers
Francis J Moloney, SDB
[Paper Back] 01/05/2015

Internationally respected scholar Francis Moloney offers a Catholic introduction to the New...


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