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Summer Reading
David Sheppard: Batting for the Poor: The authorized biography of the celebrated cricketer and bishop
Bradstock, Professor Andrew
[Paper Back] 18/03/2021

From his time as Captain of England's cricket team to his pioneering work as Bishop of...

Defying the Holocaust: Ten courageous Christians who supported Jews
Dowley, Tim
[Paper Back] 16/01/2020

During the Second World War, Christians from many nations and denominations stepped forward with...

Let us Dream
Pope Francis; Ivereigh Austin
[Hard Paper] 01/12/2020

In the COVID crisis, the beloved shepherd of over one billion Catholics saw the cruelty and...

I Burned for Your Peace: Augustine's Confessions Unpacked
Kreeft, Peter
[Paper Back] 30/09/2016

Popular author and philosopher Peter Kreeft delves into one of the most beloved Christian ...

A Revelation of Love
Obbard Ruth Elizabeth
[Paper Back] 20/02/2018

A Revelation of Love was written by a woman about whom we know very little, yet she has had an...

Week by Week with St John Henry Newman
[Paper Back]

This small volume is presented in celebration and thanksgiving for the canonisation of Saint John...

John Henry Newman Ex Libris
Compiled Ryan Marr
[Paper Back] 09/10/2019

This small volume, part of the Ex libris series, offers an affordable and accessible introduction...

Only Love Creates: The Spiritual Works of Mercy
Fr Fabio Rosini
[Paper Back] 01/01/2019

Italy's most popular Catholic priest-author translated into English for the first time. ...

A Stranger and You Welcomed Me: A Call to Mercy and Solidarity with Migrants and Refugees
Pope Francis
[Paper Back] 30/10/2018

The plight of migrants and refugees has been a constant and urgent priority for Pope Francis. On...

Christus Vivit Christ is Alive
[Paper Back]

For young people today, trying to find a path to holiness in a hostile world is increasingly...

Helping Teens with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
Petitfils, Roy
[Paper Back] 08/03/2019

In Helping Teens with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression, Roy Petitfils--a Catholic author,...

Hope in Action: Reaching Out to a World in Need
Nichols, Vincent
[Paper Back] 04/09/2017

What are the most important social, political and religious challenges facing our world today? ...

From Hero to Servant to Mystic: Navigating the Deeper Waters of Priestly Spirituality
Detisch, Scott P
[Paper Back] 15/03/2019

From Hero to Servant to Mystic addresses both the initial and ongoing formation of priests by...

Christus Vincit: Christ’s Triumph Over the Darkness of the Age
Schneider, Bishop Athanasius
[Paper Back] 29/09/2019

In this absorbing interview, Bishop Athanasius Schneider offers a candid, incisive examination of...

Brilliant! 24 Catholic Scientists, Mathematicians, and Supersmart People
David Michael Warren
[Hard Paper] 15/12/2020

Think faith and science don’t go together? Think again! It’s important to teach...

From the Depths of Our Hearts: Priesthood, Celibacy and the Crisis of the Catholic Church
Benedict XVI, Cardinal Sarah
[Hard Paper] 12/03/2020

The Catholic Church faces a major crisis and the turmoil in priestly ministry is at the heart of...

House Built on Love
Walker, Ed
[Paper Back] 19/03/2020

This Biography tells Ed's story of faith and struggle as he and his wife saw the need and...

Twelve Great Spiritual Writers
Hoare, Liz
[Paper Back] 16/01/2020

Liz Hoare's list of twelve great spiritual writers includes famous and lesser known women whose...

Believe in Love: Inspiring Words from Pope Francis
Pope Francis
[Paper Back] 28/08/2018

"Knowing how to love is never a thing acquired once and for all. We must begin anew every...

Pilgrim's Progress
Bunyan, John
[Paper Back] 30/10/2008

'The ultimate English classic ... The story of a man in search of truth' Observer In John...

How to Sit with God: A Practical Guide to Silent Prayer
Jean-Marie Gueeullett
[Paper Back] 28/02/2019

Silence and interiority are not merely the preserve of Eastern religions and philosophies;...

Faith Finding a Voice
Vincent Nichols
[Paper Back] 05/04/2018

In Faith Finding a Voice Cardinal Vincent Nichols invites us to join him in an exploration of the...

Every Tribe: Stories of Diverse Saints Serving a Diverse World
Prentis, Sharon
[Paper Back] 18/04/2019

The Bible tells us Jesus is for every tribe, language, people and nation - so why are all the...

Seek the Living God: Five RCIA Inquiry Questions for Making Disciples
Wagner, Nick
[Paper Back] 15/12/2017

We all know that a one-size-fits-all approach to RCIA catechumenate formation doesn't work....

Be Transformed: The Healing Power of the Sacraments
Schuchts, Bob
[Paper Back] 29/03/2017

How can Christians grow spiritually in the midst of our sinfulness? How can we transform our ...

Dancing to My Death
Daniel O'Leary
[Paper Back] 03/05/2019

In the summer of 2018 Daniel O'Leary received the news that we all dread - a cancer ...

A Deep, Abiding Love: Pondering Life's Depth with Julian of Norwich
Christ, Jennifer Lynn
[Paper Back] 30/11/2017

Even people who know very little about the 14th-century anchoress Julian of Norwich have heard...

Alive in God: A Christian Imagination
Radcliffe, Timothy
[Paper Back] 03/10/2019

How can Christianity touch the imagination of our contemporaries when ever fewer people in the...

Walk Humbly Encouragements for living, working and being
Wells, Samuel
[Hard Paper] 30/03/2019

In the spirit of the popular poem 'Desiderata', world-renowned ethicist, theologian and preacher...

The Reluctant Disciple
Wells David
[Paper Back] 31/01/2015

In this book David Wells uses a Bible text as his starting point and interweaves it with his own...

God-Soaked Life: Discovering a Kingdom Spirituality
Webb, Chris
[Paper Back] 06/09/2018

God's presence permeates our lives and activities, reverberating throughout all he has created. ...

What We Talk About When We Talk About Faith
Peter Stanford
[Paper Back] 07/02/2019

Peter Stanford has been interviewing people of faith during his thirty-five years as a journalist...

Moments of Grace
Gerald O'Collins, SJ
[Paper Back] 01/05/2018

Moments of Grace reflects on biblical passages from Isaiah to the Book of Revelation,...

Sauntering Through Scripture: A Book of Reflections
Glen, Genevieve, OSB
[Paper Back] 13/08/2018

The Bible presents a landscape rich with characters whose stories and prophecies, wisdom and ...

Hiding in God
Heppenstall Annie
[Paper Back]

Illness, whether physical or mental, can be a very difficult time, but it can also be a time when...

57 Saints
Heffernan A E & Flanagan A J
[Paper Back] 01/05/2003

Some of the best-loved saints of the Church are featured in a revised and updated edition of a...

Meditation with Children: A Resource for Teachers and Parents
Noel Keating
[Paper Back] 28/01/2018

Children today are living in a fast-paced world where one solitary voice can easily get lost amid...

Follow Him: And Reclaim the World
Billy, Dennis J
[Paper Back] 01/02/2016

This is the core of the Gospel spirituality that inspired St. Alphonsus Liguori. It inflamed the...

Late Have I Loved You
Guerrini Mariarosa
[Paper Back] 01/06/1986

Saints for Girls
[Hard Paper] 01/06/2014

Saints for Girls is a beautiful treasure for little Catholic girls with saint stories they...

Union With God: According to St. John of the Cross
Fr Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen
[Paper Back] 25/07/2019

Christian perfection consists in the twofold way of charity: service of neighbour and our...

Saints for Boys
[Hard Paper] 01/06/2014

Saints for Boys is compiled especially for little Catholic boys - preschool age up through...

The Big Picture Family Devotional
Helm David R.
[Paper Back] 31/08/2014

We all want to teach our kids about the Bible and God's love for the world. But sometimes...

To Light A Fire On The Earth
Bishop Robert Baron
[Hard Paper] 31/10/2017

As secularism gains influence, and increasing numbers see religion as dull and backward, Robert...

Enfolded in Christ: The Inner Life of a Priest
Friendship, John-Francis
[Paper Back] 30/05/2018

Enfolded in Christ is a book about priesthood with a difference. Instead of focusing on ministry,...

Religious Life for Our World: Creating Communities of Hope
Cimperman, Maria
[Paper Back] 16/09/2020

This book brings together God's call, the cries of the world and of the earth today, and...

The Imitation of Christ
A'Kempis, Thomas
[Hard Paper] 01/08/2015

Find the path to following Christ in this treasured and timeless devotional book. Encouraging the...

God or Nothing: A Conversation on Faith
Sarah, Cardinal Robert
[Paper Back] 30/10/2015

This is a fascinating and powerful autobiographical interview of one of the most prominent and...


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