Celebrating the First World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly (Sunday, 25 July 2021)


Grandparents & Elderly
Hiding in God
Heppenstall Annie
[Paper Back]

Illness, whether physical or mental, can be a very difficult time, but it can also be a time when...

3 Minute Prayers for Grandparents
Pointer Pam
[Paper Back] 15/03/2019

Gives grandparents the opportunity to chat with God about the joys and challenges of having...

Adding Life to Your Years
Byrne, Marian
[Hard Paper] 08/06/2016

If life is a journey, shouldn't we ensure that every moment, experience and relationship...

Aging Matters: Finding Your Calling for the Rest of Your Life
Stevens, R. Paul
[Paper Back] 30/04/2016

Vocational discernment, says R. Paul Stevens, is a lifelong process — one that takes on ...

Vesper Time: The Spiritual Practice of Growing Older
Cunningham, Frank
[Paper Back] 30/03/2017

With humor and grace the author explores the idea that growing old, all by itself, is a spiritual...

God's Guide for Grandparents
Erschen, Susan M.
[Paper Back] 22/09/2017

“Very often it is grandparents who ensure that the most important values are passed down to...

Gift of Years
Chittister Joan
[Paper Back] 01/09/2008

In 'The Gift of Years', Joan Chittister encourages us to cherish the blessings of older...

You'll Never Be Younger
O'Malley William
[Paper Back] 29/04/2015

"It's paradoxical that the idea of living a long life appeals to everyone, but the idea...

To Grow in Love: A Spirituality of Ageing
Grogan, Brian
[Paper Back] 12/05/2017

Growing in love is not something we can do on our own; it doesn't just happen to us as ageing...

Love Life: A Holistic Understanding of Ageing
McCann, Catherine
[Hard Paper] 12/01/2018

Love Life is an update of the highly acclaimed Falling in Love with Life, which was published in...

Growing Old Gratefully
Byron, William J
[Paper Back] 30/06/2018

Growing Old Gratefully encourages us to note the many persons, events, and blessings in our own...

Aging with Wisdom and Grace
Au, Wilkie
[Paper Back] 01/09/2019

This book explores the contributions faith can make to optimal aging, providing a Christian...

Jesus' Little Book of Wisdom: Guidance, Hope and Comfort for Every Day
Assaf, Andrea Kirk
[Paper Back] 02/11/2017

In times of need, many of us turn to the words of the Lord. Jesus's teachings have been a source...

Being a Catholic Grandmother
Losack Marcus; Rodgers Michael
[Paper Back] 28/02/2014

The challenge of being a grandmother can demand more from us than we could possibly have ...

Evangelii Gaudium - The Joy of the Gospel
Pope Francis
[Paper Back] 01/12/2013

The Holy Father puts his vast pastoral experience and the outcome of the Synod on the New...

The Blessing of Family: Inspiring Words from Pope Francis
Pope Francis
[Hard Paper] 07/08/2015

Pope Francis cares deeply about the health and happiness not only of today's families, but...

Divine Mercy for Moms: Sharing the Lessons of St. Faustina
Faehnle, Michele/Jaminet Emily
[Paper Back] 26/03/2016

The Divine Mercy devotion of St. Faustina Kowalska is one of the most celebrated of all Catholic...

Pope Francis Family Devotional: 365 Devotions to Share with Your Kids
Cherico, Rebecca Vitz
[Paper Back] 05/09/2016

Now with the Pope Francis Family Devotional, you can take a few short minutes every day to grow ...

Go to Heaven: A Spiritual Road Map to Eternity
Sheen Fulton J
[Paper Back] 31/10/2017

Why is it, asks Bishop Fulton Sheen, that one hears so often the expression "Go to...

Only Love Breaks Open the Tombs
Ledogar Denis
[Paper Back] 28/03/2018

As an Assumptionist priest and chaplain working in the Hautepierre Hospital in Strasbourg, Denis...

The Time Is Now: A Call to Uncommon Courage
Chittister Joan
[Hard Paper] 05/03/2019

Beloved nun and social activist Joan Chittister, who appeared on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday, ...

Jesus Speaking: Heart to Heart with the King
Bossis, Gabrielle
[Hard Paper] 14/09/2019

Jesus began speaking to French mystic Gabrielle Bossis when she was in her sixties. The...

With the End in Mind: How to Live and Die Well
Dr Kathryn Mannix
[Paper Back] 05/02/2019

How should we think of death and how can we prepare for it? With the End in Mind is a book for us...

Falling Upward - a Companion Journal: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life
Richard Rohr
[Paper Back] 21/03/2013

Many, if not most, people and institutions remain in 'the first half of life' forever, ...

Pope Francis and the Joy of the Family
Pope Francis
[Paper Back] 28/08/2015

Create an oasis of joyful love within your own family when you spend a few minutes every day in...

Pope Francis Embrace of Hope: Compassion in Times of Illness
Pope Francis
[Paper Back] 07/05/2018

Embrace of Hope, Compassion in Times of Illness is filled with the pope's insight and...

To the Most, Most Special Grandma
Helen Exley
[Hard Paper] 05/01/2015

Time for me - always. The most loving, the wisest, the gentlest and definitely the softest lady...

The Pope Francis on the Family
Pope Francis
[Paper Back] 01/09/2015

Pope Francis says that, like Mary and Joseph, Christian families can welcome Jesus, listen to ...

Fratelli Tutti: On Fraternity & Social Responsibility
Pope Francis
[Paper Back] 06/10/2020

Pope Francis’ third encyclical is inspired by the life and example of St Francis of Assisi,...

Love Set You Going: Poems of the Heart
Morley Janet
[Paper Back] 19/09/2019

'Love set you going'. The opening words of Sylvia Plath's poem for her newborn...

Will Our Children Have Faith?
John H Westerhoff
[Paper Back] 01/08/2012

Originally written in 1976, revised in 200, and translated in six languages, this classic ...

Finding God in a Leaf: The Mysticism of Laudato Si'
Grogan Brian
[Paper Back] 18/06/2018

God, Pope Francis affirms, is present in nature, and he wants us to share that perspective,...

Hanging Onto Hope: Reflections and Prayers for Finding
Svoboda, Melannie
[Paper Back] 25/09/2017

A flower growing through a crack in the pavement... two small sparrows perched on a roof... seed...

Gardening the Soul: Soothing seasonal thoughts for jaded modern souls  New Edition
Kennedy, Sister Stanislaus
[Paper Back] 23/03/2017

Sister Stan, as she is affectionately known, was brought up on a farm in Dingle, County Kerry, ...

Praying for Our Adult Sons and Daughters: Placing Them in the Heart of God
Boucher John; Boucher Therese
[Paper Back] 01/10/2012

When our children become adults, we can't hold them on our laps and protect them like we used...

Heart To Heart: A Cardinal Newman Prayer Book
Newman John Henry
[Paper Back] 02/12/2011

Heart to Heart: A Cardinal Newman Prayer Book is a comprehensive gathering of the luminous ...

How to Defend the Faith Without Raising Your Voice
Austen Ivereigh & Michael Kelly
[Paper Back] 13/04/2018

It is about winning friends, not arguments. It is about shedding light, not heat. It's about...

Holy Hacks: Everyday Ways to Live Your Faith and Get to Heaven
Armstrong, Patti Maguire
[Paper Back] 08/02/2019

Do you wish there was a more practical way to live your faith in the midst of a busy...

In the Mystery's Shadow Reflections on Caring for the Elderly & Dying
Swetnam, Susan H.
[Paper Back] 19/04/2019

In her book In the Mystery’s Shadow, Susan Swetnam draws on her experience serving...


Resouces handpicked for you by the Sisters and Staff of Pauline Books & Media to mark this day, and most importantly to celebrate the life of our grandparents and the elderly in our society.

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