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365 Prayers for Catholic Schools and Parish Youth Groups: Interactive, Seasonal, Traditional
Tassi, Peter
[Paper Back] 15/08/2016

You'll never be at a loss for prayers to use with students or youth groups when you reach for...

Understanding School Bullying: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
O'Moore Mona
[Paper Back] 30/11/2010

This book provides a rich understanding of school bullying and the many forms it takes. The ...

Shared Mission
Leonardo Franchi
[Paper Back]

“In presenting the argument for Communio as the ideal paradigm for developing the...

Revelations of Glory
David Adam
[Paper Back] 09/01/2017

Saints are not set apart as perfect or sinless, for they have the same weaknesses as all humans,...

How To Survive In Leadership In A Catholic School
Friel R.
[Paper Back] 15/01/2015

Raymond Friel has written a follow-up book to his and Sr Judith Russi’s book 'How to...

Called to Teach: Daily Inspiration for Catholic Educators
McClain, Justin
[Paper Back] 28/09/2016

Catholic school teachers have a special vocation to reach the hearts and minds of young people,...

Building the Kingdom in the Classroom
Pittam, Fr Matthew
[Paper Back] 01/11/2017

Schools today are complex places with many demands placed on teachers' time and energies....

Gospel Values for Catholic Schools: A Practical Guide for Today
Friel, Raymond
[Paper Back] 11/01/2017

As the title suggests, Friel’s account is rooted firmly in the Gospels and encompasses a...

Called to Pray: Daily Prayers for Catholic Schools
McClain, Justin
[Paper Back] 30/11/2018

This collection of short prayers is arranged by school-year-related themes and can be read by a...

Teaching Kids to Care Reflections, Activities & Prayers on Practicing Virtues
Schaeffler, Janet
[Paper Back] 23/01/2017

From alphabets of courtesy to gratitude trees, here are hundreds of activities, conversation...

Religious Education: Teachers Guide
Prett, Stephen
[Paper Back]

Religious Education: The Teacher's Guide explores the landscape of RE in the UK, setting the...

Companion to Catholic Education
Franchi Leonard; McKinney Step
[Paper Back]

This reader introduces the key theological themes of Catholic Religious Education today, ...

Thinking Christian Ethos: The Meaning of Catholic Education
Jones David Albert; Barrie Ste
[Paper Back] 01/05/2015

This book is about the meaning of Catholic education. It is not a book only for practising Roman...

Understanding Cyberbullying: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
O'Moore, Mona
[Paper Back] 20/10/2014

This book provides an understanding of cyberbullying and the many forms it takes. It explores the...

How to Survive Working in a Catholic School
Friel R.
[Paper Back] 30/09/2013

A guide for teachers and support staff. Whether you are practising or lapsed Catholic, practise a...

How to Survive as a Governor in a Catholic School
Russi Sister Judith, SSMN
[Paper Back] 01/05/2015

This highly practical and accessible resource looks at the key priorities that every governor...

Cheerful Giver  -  A Letter for Me poster

Size: 86 x 27 cm The poster reads: God loves a cheerful giver

A Letter for Me from St Paul the Apostle - Boxed set of posters with CD-ROM

Suggestions for reflections, activities and prayers to help explore key values taught by St Paul...

Loyola Kids Book of Catholic Signs and Symbols: An Illustrated Guide to Their History and Meaning
Welborn, Amy
[Hard Paper] 15/07/2018

Understand faith in the symbols that surround us. For centuries people learned about the...

Symbols of Faith: Faith Formation and Sacramental Preparation for People with Learning Disabilities
Diana Klein
[Paper Back] 21/01/2015

Symbols of Faith offers parents, priests and catechists creative insights and ideas on the faith...

Out of the Classroom and Into the World: How to Transform Catholic Education
Peachey, Roy
[Paper Back] 07/07/2018

Catholic education can transform our children, and we can transform Catholic education: that is...

Reclaiming the Piazza II: Catholic Education and the New Evangelisation
[Paper Back] 30/06/2017

What is 'new' and continues to develop is the form by which that same Gospel is ...

Reclaiming the Piazza: Catholic Education as a Cultural Project
Convery Ronnie; Franchi Leonar
[Paper Back] 28/08/2014

To reclaim the cultural 'piazza' the Christian message must be attractive, reasonable and...

70 Church Year Starters for Kids and Those who Teach Them
Mathson, Pat
[Paper Back] 01/07/2017

From poster projects to prayer prompts, this engaging and meaningful collection of activities...

Re-imagining Christian Education for the 21st Century
Morris Andrew B.
[Paper Back] 06/06/2013

The first annual Conference of the National Centre for Christian Education at Liverpool Hope...

Teaching Kids to Care for God's Creation
Clark, Mary Elizabeth
[Paper Back] 03/01/2018

We all know Pope Francis has issued an urgent call to bring care for the Earth into both our...

Children of Light  -  A Letter for Me poster

Size: 86 x 27 cm The poster reads: Live as children of light

Loving Heart  -  A Letter for Me poster

Size: 86 x 27 cm The poster reads: Have a loving and understanding heart

PrayerPosters - set of 4 posters
Winters MaryLou
[Poster] 25/03/2005

Four posters which are also available as single items. The posters each have resource material on...

Work of Art  -  A Letter for Me poster

Size: 86 x 27 cm The poster reads: You are God's work of art

Poster/USB Parable of the Good Samaritan Resource for Teaching
MaryLou Winters, FSP
[Mixed Media Product]

A creative resource to facilitate a meaningful reflection and a fun engagement with the parable...

Poster FSP Rosary Set
Halpin, D
[Poster] 01/01/2003

Brilliant posters featuring the traditional as well as the new Mysteries of Light. Includes a...


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